Blood Brothers

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DOUBLE TROUBLEThat was what you got when cousins Gabe McBride, a Montana cowboy, and Randall Stanton, a British lord, traded places! What Gabe and Randall got was the challenge of their lives!Anything Randall could do, Gabe could do better– but tackling centuries of tradition proved tougher than he thought


Almost as tough as convincing a beautiful widowed mother, Frederica Crossman, that he was a risk worth taking.Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Randall knew anything Gabe could do, he could do, too

But to win Claire and Freddie, they' d need all their lordly pluck and cowboy try

He could handle everything except gorgeous, feisty Claire Stevens.When Randall and Gabe took on a challenge, they never quit

He was resourceful, competent, clever

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